Black pottery has been traditionally made with natural materials (such as black clay) for centuries. Therefore, these products have a history. They are expressions of ancestral indigenous culture. This culinary pottery comes from the village of La Chamba in the district of Tolina in Colombia.

Each item is handmade, which makes it a unique piece.

These raw and timeless decorative pieces are ideal for slow and healthy cooking, and for adding style to your kitchen. No toxic substances are used for their manufacturing. This crafting method makes it completely organic. The black pottery can be use in fire, in an oven, in a microwave and on an electric hub.

The artisans have used the method of their ancestors, the Pijao Indians, for the past 500 years. They use a special clay, found in the Rio Magdalena. Firstly, each piece is molded and dried. Then, the cookware is polished with semiprecious stones from the river. Afterwards, the pottery is baked in an oven at very high temperature. Finally the craftsmen smoke them in a drum with organic materials (leaves and dry wood). The smoke and lack of oxygen gives its iconic black glossy colour to the pottery.

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