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close-up on the kilim pillow #2
antique milk jug from Burkina Faso and amber up cycled bottle handblown from Lebanon


Ma Maison Design presents an eclectic selection of ethnic, contemporary and handmade treasures. Our vision is to highlight craftsmanship of the world with unique pieces and small contemporary crafted collections.

Mixing unique treasures and collectables, raw and authentic materials, we feature decorative ambiances. Ma Maison Design creates a cozy and personal interior decoration with ethnic and contemporary objects. We bring warmth and dream to any room in your home.

We are inspired by our travels and various “art de vivre”. Ma Maison Design is a mixture of vintage and modern, contemporary and ethnic styles and design.

Either an everyday or decorative object, behind each treasure is told a story where traditional , ancient and modern craftsmanship meet and are inspired.

We hope that our selection inspires you to create a uniquely warm and cosy atmosphere in your home.

Through these pieces, we support and wish to save the ancestral “savoir-faire” by promoting the artisans of the world and by favoring fair trade.


We try to minimise our environmental impact, so preference is given to recycled and recyclable packaging as much as possible.


Ma Maison Design has an ethical approach. We donate 5% of our tax-free turnover to social and environmental humanitarian organisations. This donation is made once a year (after closing the financial year).

This is our vision

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