Kilim cushion #1


Beautiful unique kilim cushion, handcrafted from an old rug brings authenticity and a raw touch. Unique piece. Handmade in Anatoly, Turkey. Stuffing included.



Ma Maison Design have carefully selected Kilim cushion covers made from an old recycled Anatolian wool rug.

The craftsman’s “savoir-faire” is descended from the original textile manufacturers throughout the ages, ensuring the higher quality of your treasure.

The handcrafting means that each piece is unique. Due to the vintage fabric, some minor variations in shape, colour and size may appear. This is not a defect but the perfect imperfection of the craftsman work.

Care instructions to keep your kilim cushion cover beautiful for years :

Wash it in cold water with a small amount of wool shampoo and a very soft brush.
Then, rinse the shampoo with cold water.
By hand, squeeze the cover cushion between a soft fabric. You can, also, use the spin program (500 cycles) of your washing machine. In this case, put the cover cushion in a net for delicate clothes.
Afterwards, lay it down for drying. Don’t hang it if your cushion cover is too wet, to avoid distorting it.

The cushion stuffing is included with the kilim.

Additional information

Cover material


Stuffing material

Recycled polyester


Red, off white and black




45 X 45 cm


0.830 Kg

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