Nukak basket #2


Handmade in Amazonia, Colombia, by the Maku indigenous tribe



The Nukak basket is made by the Culeo and Nukak indigenous groups. They are a part of the Maku tribe.
The Maku tribe is one of the last Colombian Amazonian nomadic tribe.

They were first viewed in 1988. The Nukak tribe emerged accidentally in a village of the middle of the Amazonia.
The Maku tribe has very little contact with the occidental world and try to still live in an ancestral way. They live off the land. Hunting, fishing and collecting roots, fruits and vegetables.
Due to their culture and way of life, the Maku have an intimate relationship with the forest. They wish to remain in their ancestral land and maintain their way of life in complete harmony with the surrounding forest.

They use traditionally these baskets for the transport of manioc roots.

The Nukak basket is made with the Yaré liana.

The Yaré liana (Heteropsis flexuasa) is a liane. Their roots reach a length of 3 to 23 meters long. These attach around the trunks of big trees and the roots hang down.

The Yaré liana is used for interweaving and to build structure. It is a very strong plant and a raw and high quality material.

Each basket is handcrafted which makes it unique. It is the reflection of the ancestral Nukak savoir-faire.

Additional information


Yaré liana


Natural tones




Ø19 X 10 cm


0.077 Kg