Sisal basket from Kenya #7


Stunning little sisal basket to give a raw and unique touch in your interior. Handmade by women in Kenya.



The traditional Kenyan weaving technics have been used for generations and it passed down from mother to daughter. Sisal basket is handmade from remote rural villages by women.

The baskets are made with pure and sustainable sisal fibre. Sisal (Agave sisalana) is a sturdy, raw and durable material. It grows very well in the Kenyan climate. The process starts with the harvest of the sisal. Then, its leaves are crushed to extract the fibers, which are dried, dyed with natural pigments and rolled. All this labour is executed by women. Afterwards, women begin the weaving. The ladies fuse ancient craft traditions with contemporary pattern. Sisal baskets are reputed highly and strong.

The design of sisal baskets brings a beautiful, stylish and durable homewares in modern interior. Baskets can be used as a plant pot cover, chic d├ęcor, vide poche or storage which give an elegant, raw and unique home decor with an ethnic touch.


Sisal basket is extremely solid. However, special care must be taken when exposed directly to the sun which fades colors. It is recommended to dry your basket if it is wet. If your use it as a plant pot you must to protect your basket with a water proof bag. Sisal is a natural fibre and a long exposure to humidity get it moldy.

Additional information




Brown, black and white




17.5 X 20.5 cm


0320 Kg

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